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TV PG 13 -  Drama TV Series 2020

Could it be possible that some who can't see can actually see better than some who can?  This powerful film about love and lessons

Starring Lisa Gilbert and Wayne Lundy just might make you reconsider what it really means to be blind. 

Available JANUARY 3, 2021

Equally Blind  (2020) | Trailer | Lisa Gilbert | Wayne Lundy | A Gina Sedman Film

Equally Blind (2020) | Trailer | Lisa Gilbert | Wayne Lundy | A Gina Sedman Film

Premiers on NDME TV on January 3, 2021 NDME TV in association with GNA Universal Media is set to premiere the 3rd episode from the “Behind Closed Door” series, “Equally Blind”, staring, stand-up comedian, Lisa Gilbert & Wayne Lundy. "Equally Blind" will premiere on the NDME TV Network, (a partner of GNA Universal Media), on Sunday, January 1, 2021, at 7 pm. Gina Sedman (formally Gina Carey) 1st TV Drama Series, "Behind Closed Doors”, are a series of 15 to 30-minute fiction-based emotional shorts portraying genuine encounters that ordinary individuals experience every day behind the closed doors of their homes. “Equally Blind,” is a short film starring, Lisa Gilbert (Dalene) and Wayne Lundy (Telly), tells the story of two polar opposite siblings and brings attention to the comparison of physical and spiritual blindness. Younger sister Darlene is determined to live her life exactly how she chooses and no one, not even her blind older brother is going to stop her. Although her brother Telly, repeatedly warns her of the woes of living the golden life, she refuses to listen until her life takes an unexpected turn. This shocking drama is intended for audiences over 13. “Equally Blind” was written, produced & directed by Gina Sedman ( Formally Gina Carey). “Behind Closed Doors” is an ongoing series with more episodes to come in the coming months. visit for more Gina Sedman productions
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