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NDME TV  & NDME TV Family is an Independent TV Network producing family, Inspirational & Christian TV Shows. 

NDME TV  &  NDME TV Family is an Independent TV Network producing Inspirational, Christian & family TV Shows.NDME TV  was founded by Gina Sedman  formally known as Gina Carey in 2015. Gina Sedman is the Founder and CEO of NDME TV




Gina Sedman (formally Gina Carey) is the CEO/President and Founder of GNA Universal Media including all partnering companies, NDME TV, The Indie Post, Indie Soul Radio, Under The Radar Magazine, Gico Music, The CV Indie Film Awards, All IndieFlix. With over 30 years of combined experience in various functions within the independent entertainment community, jack of all trades Gina Sedman is a modern-day multi-faceted superwoman.

Having experienced the shifting sands of the music industry firsthand, Gina decided to remove herself from the borrowing end of the equation to become a lender of time and support for independent artists. Supporting the unsupported requires ownership, as she quickly realized. Gina has not only self-funded all of her artistic endeavors, including music, film, and award shows, but she has also helped launch the careers of a number of independent artists and actors. Many have referred to Gina as the mother Terresa of independent entertainment, and she has earned the title of Philanthropist due to her generosity of spirit.

To date, her musical credits include over 13 Albums, a multitude of single releases, and 5 #1 UK Music Charted hits. Ten of the 13 albums were released under her own record and publishing company "Gico Music".

Gina has won a BMA award for "best gospel artist, Rising Stars of the Desert Best Jazz Music Artist", (GHP Music Awards), "Best Single, "and in 2015, 2016 & 2017, she won the CV Music Award for "Best Pop/ R&B & Contemporary Artist". In 2016 she was chosen by CV Weekly as one of the Top 12 Interesting & Influential Women in the Coachella Valley.

Awarded in 2019 as the first African American / black female filmmaker in Palm Springs, Gina made history by becoming the first African American / black filmmaker to be recognized within the Coachella Valley. Her award was presented at the CV Indie Film Awards and her accomplishment was reported on KMIR Channel 13's local news program in Palm Springs California. Beginning as a signed recording artist in 1996, she evolved into a self-taught self-funded filmmaker and went on to become not only CEO/founder and president of GNA Universal Media, an independent powerhouse corporation, managing multiple independent companies under one umbrella.

After establishing Gina Carey Films as her first film company, she changed the name to All Indie FLix in 2019. Furthermore, in 2019 she launched her own television/web series network, NDME TV.

To date, Gina has written, produced, filmed, directed, and edited 3 Christian based stage plays, 2 talk web series, Tell My Story and Curiosity, 7 full feature films, Aspire to Inspire", "The Unexpected, "The Assumptions", "The One Year Pact", "Acts of Kindness", "Rose England" and "The Star Connection" and multiple web series," Billy Jones" , "Same Difference", The Diary, Stuck, Maylene, Barbara Ann Ginger" and Friends of Stanger's.

Gina has also produced many music videos including her own, Eternity, Fallen and Prodigal. In 2018 she served as 2nd AD for the Sony Music's Country Music Star, Kane Brown (Lose it) Music Video. She also produced, edited, directed, and filmed Grammy-nominated Recording Artist Cornell CC Carter's music videos, Ghosted, Earn it and The Moment. Likewise, she produced and edited music Videos for soul recording artist Joe Leavy " Arms Around The World" 2020, Joe Leavy " Hurt People"- 2020, and Joe Leavy " Inside You" and Love Me To My Soul. She also filmed, directed, produced and edited 2X Dove Award Winning Gospel Rap Artist, Wake Up World & Brighter Day.

Gina Sedman Launched The first ever Independent Film Awards In The Coachella Valley, The CV Indie Film Awards

Having established the first annual CV Indie Film Awards in 2017, she recognized and awarded filmmakers across the country making micro to low-budget films. Coachella Valley Indie Film Awards continues to serve as a premier independent only film award in the region.

While Gina's companies were active at varying levels dating back to 1996, she incorporated them under the parent company name, GNA Universal Media. She opened her first office in Palm Springs, CA in 2019.

GNA Universal Media, a Multi-Media company that houses several independent arts partnering companies includes The Indie Post Magazine, Under The Radar Magazine, Indie Soul Radio, Gina Carey Films, Gico Music, NDME TV, Indie Music TV, The CV Indie Film Awards, and ALL INDIE FLIX. The former, Gina Carey Films, has been rebranded and is now, All IndieFlix. All Indie Flix is a Music Production Company that produces only independent Feature films, NDME TV is a television network that produces only independent talk shows, shorts, webs series and tv shows.

In 2020 launched her first TV Network, "NDME TV, and wrote, directed, and produced Her first TV shows, Curiosity", and "Tell My Story". Her first Web Drama Series, Behind Closed Doors, a faith-based series centered around the lives of various everyday people and what goes on in their homes behind closed doors. That series of episodes includes Billy Jones, Same Difference, Equally Blind, Barbara Ann Ginger, The Diary, and Maylene's 2020 Year. All movies can be viewed on Youtube and NDME TV NDMETV.COM

Gina also launched a 24/7 independent music video channel that highlights the musical talents of independent recording artists globally. Indie Music TV.

Gina Sedman is the CEO/Founder, Head Editor & Publisher of her own independent entertainment magazine, The Indie Post, where she's written multiple articles and has interviewed both up-and-coming independent artists and Grammy, NAACP, MTV & BET Award winning celebrities and a host of notable entertainment industry artist in film, music and other independent businesses. Her interview credits include Grammy award-winning vocalist, Lisa Fischer, Malo, Stephanie Spruill , Ronnee Martin (America's Got Talent), Melissa Morgan, Charles D. Clark (Actor, Harriet, Empire) Lenny Williams ( Tower of Power) , Shirley Murdock, Latoya London, Anthony Hamilton, Smooth Jazz Artist , Jackiem Joyner, Jonathan Butler & Gerald Albright, Glynis Albright ( The Waffle Queen) Yancyy, Robert Kool Bell, Larry D Dodson, Frank McComb, Award winning Film & Tv Actor/ Choreographer, Darrin Henson ( The Family Business, Stomp The Yard, Soul Food, MTV Award Winning Choreographer) Howard Hewitt, Saxophonist, Erisa Nobel, Keith Washington, Beth Griffith Manley (The Voice/ Kem, and Najee & former background singer for Anita Baker) Linda Travani ( Peaches and Herb) Eric Nolan (The Ojays) Torri "Shonuff "Nelson ( Female 13X World Boxing Champion/ Inducted into the female world champion hall of fame) , Jewell Blackson ( Hadestown Broadway Star) Malo, Burnadette Cooper ( Klymaxx), Margo Thunder, Steven Russell Hart (Troop) , UK Bassist, Yolonda Charles, Omar Wilson, Karyn Wite, Oscar Award Winning Actor, Lou Gossett Jr. and a slew of others.

Gina is also a casual freelance photographer. Her photography credits include Award-winning Film & Tv Actor/ Choreographer Darrin Henson (The Family Business, Stomp The Yard, Soul Food, MTV Award Winning Choreographer)

In conclusion, Gina is a mother and is happily married to a UK/British DJ & Reality TV Personality for Channel 5 (Slum Landlords & Nightmare Tenants), Andrew Sedman AKA DJ Prone. Along with his wife, Gina, he is the co-owner and runs Indie Soul Radio, Under The Radar Magazine, and Indie Music TV. She is a Christian woman who is dedicated to serving God and people. Her philosophy is that life is not worth living if it cannot be lived for the sake of helping others.

Her primary goal is to live a life of service to others. After you leave this planet, material possessions will have no value, but what will have value is the impact you have on others. In what ways have you enriched someone's life? What have you done to enrich the life of someone other than yourself? It is no secret that Gina Sedman is not able to achieve anything without God in her life. She makes no apologies or holds anything back.

In her view, the only reason she has come this far is due to the inexhaustible grace and mercy of God. While Gina has made several mistakes along the way, she is grateful to God for all of His blessings and is not only pursuing all that God has destined her to do, but also assisting others in reaching their dreams. In her oath of devotion to The Lord, she dedicates GNA Universal Media to God. And will never forget, (God Never Abandons)


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Gina Sedmans Filmography

Writer/ Director/ Producer/ Editor / Cinematographer

Films / Features and Shorts


“The Unexpected”– Feature Film -Feb 2016

“Aspire to Inspire”– Feature Documentary-Feb 2016

“The Assumptions”– Feature Film-Feb 2017

“The One Year Pact”– Feature Film-Feb 2018

“Rose England”– Feature Film- Feb. 2019

“Acts of Kindness”– Feature Film –March- 2019

"The Star Connection" - Feature Film - March -2020

" Billy Jones" - Short- July 2020

"Same Diffrence"-Short-Nov. 2020

Talk Shows

"Curiosity"  January 2020

" Tell My Story" - July 2020


Live Stage Plays

“The Ripple Effect”– Live Stage Play –2003

“The What Would You Do”– Live Stage Play –2009

“The Spirit Killer”– Live Stage Play –2015

Music Videos

Kane Brown "Lose it" -2018 ( Sony Records)

Cornell CC Carter " Earn It" - 2019

Cornell CC Carter " Ghosted" - 2019

Joe Leavy " Arms Around The World" 2020

Joe Leavy " Hurt People"-  2020

Joe Leavy " Inside You" - 2020

Kane Brown "Loose it" ( 2nd AD) Sony Music - 2018



A W A R D S     &     A C K N O W L E D G E M E NT S   F I L M



The One Year Pact

October 2, 2017

Award Winner



Nevada International Film Festival

The Unexpected

November 15, 2016

Award Winner



Miami Epic Trailer Festival

The Assumptions

April 21, 2017



IndustryBOOST Competition

The Assumptions

November 24, 2016



Los Angeles CineFest

The One Year Pact

September 7, 2017



Los Angeles CineFest


December 10, 2016




Hollywood Screenings Film Festival

The Assumptions

December 1, 2016



Los Angeles CineFest

The Assumptions

December 10, 2016

In Consideration




Los Angeles CineFest

Aspire to Inspire

July 10, 2016





A W A R D S     &     A C K N O W L E D G E M E NT S   M U S I C


In His Time, (1996)  Changes, ( 2003)Tell Um, (2006) "My Journey", ( 2008) Melodic"(2011) " Love Letters",(2012) " Love Letters 2", (2012) Live, Love & laugh,( 2012) "Gina Carey... The Songbird" (2013)"Funk Rhythm & Soul" (2014) "Gina Carey the Soul Singer" (2015) & "Can You Dig It" (August 2015) & her current Singles “Hold Me” (February 2016) and “Tears” (the theme song for “Aspire to Inspire”) (June 2016) , Funky Cold Brotha & All up in This Place  ( 2017) "Fight" and Kissed by The Sun".  All recordings that were recorded after 2006 were written & produced by Gina and released under her own label Gico Music. 

2006 (BMA) best gospel artist , 2012, Rising Stars of the Desert “Best Jazz Music Artist, 2015 “Best Single “Beautiful Music” ” by the (GHP Virtual Music Awards), 2015, 2016&  2017, CV Music Award for “Best Contemporary Artist". 3 additional CVMA's nominations for “Best Unsigned Album” (Can You Dig it), Best Contemporary Artist / Band & Best Female Vocalist and on. Recently (in 2018) 3 CV Indie Film awards Nominations.

​ August 31, 2016, Most Influential and Interesting Women in the Coachella Valley. 2017 CV Weekly’s Top couples in the Desert, 13 Albums recorded and 5 #1 singles on the UK Music Charts since 1996     She is the author & publisher of her own book and audio book "The Unexpected" which was published in (2014) receiving no less than 800 downloads within the first month of its release. 







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